Ready for Sunday!!!

Last minute touches and clean up done many folks today! Planting and staging; getting the kid's wing all lined out; mopping the entire area; completion of the "Barn Door"; The Sanctuary looks wonderful...everyone says its very homey...which is great for our church family to have a "home away from home"! Its going to be a very fun Sunday!


Good Friday...

A lot of construction still to do and yet so much has been done! Still ahead: sound equipment to install, texturing, painting and clean up...but things are in motion for our first Sunday (Resurrection Sunday) at the new location-including receiving our temporary certificate of occupancy from the City of Wilsonville. This serves as a modern day miracle; just ask any of the construction professionals who have been on the job for this project. In record time and with great willingness by the city officials to work with us, we now have the signed document in possession!

Thursday Before Easter: Doors, Lighting, Signs, Painting and More...-

Mid-Week Before Easter Sunday...